Are you ready to share a house?

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From the moment we are born, we are taught how to share things in life. With our Family, our friends, and also with everyone around us. We share a house, food, our school objects. When we grow up we realize the true importance of sharing, as we see how difficult it is to reach our goals without any help.

The world is changing.

In the world we live in today, sharing has become even more important. And one specific concept is becoming a trend in Brazil and worldwide: coliving.

Here we can point two main causes for this phenomenon:
– The rising in rent and real estate prices,
– The shift in the new generation’s behavior and purposes in life.

Young adults nowadays are more reluctant to the idea of getting married and forming a Family. And even when they plan to do so, they wait much longer to go down the aisle, compared to their parents and grandparents.

With the urge to be independent and to leave their parents’ protection, they are targeting one simple solution: sharing a house with other people. And that is why our community was born.

Easy Houses comes with the idea that anybody can live in a shared house, but it is a lot easier when we find the right place, with the right room mates.

Making it easier to share a house.

Our purpose is to transform the concept of coliving in Brazil, making it safer, easier and much more comfortable for everybody. We believe that sharing is one of the greatest features in human nature, and sharing a house can be an unforgetable experience that brings personal growth and development. It can teach you how to live and deal with different personalities, how to be more tolerant, and most important, that Family can have many different forms.

Since the beggining, we have been talking and listening to people that share a house, paying attention to their demands and the most common problems they face. Contracts, payments, house rules. These are some of the challenges that fuel our Project. We are much more than a platform or a simple website. We are a community that promotes the most incredible experiences when it comes to coliving. We would like to invite you to visit our website.

Come along! Or as we say in portuguse: VAMOS JUNTOS!

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