How can foreigners rent a car in Brazil?

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If you are an exchange student or a tourist visiting our lovely (and huge) country, you have probably wanted to rent a car in Brazil. If you still don’t know how to do that, we prepared this blog post with a few tips so you can drive anywhere you want.

“How much does it cost?”



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Well, it will depend on the kind of car you are looking for. A basic and economical car can cost from R$70,00 to R$100,00 a day. So it is really important that you compare the prices first. You can google and check the prices online, but there is a specific website that will show you the cheapest fees.

You also need to remember that besides paying for the rent, you will need to pay for the gas. Usually you rent a car with a full tank and then you need to return it with the same amount of fuel.

“Do I use gas or ethanol?”


In Brazil many cars are flex, which means they can be fueled with either gas or ethanol (Brazilian people usually call it Alcohol). And although ethanol is always cheaper than gas, you can use a simple math trick to check which one is worth buying.

 When you get to the gas station, you will check both prices. If the litter of ethanol costs less than 70% of the liter of gas, then it is better to fill the tank with ethanol. If it costs more than 70%, go with gas, because it will allow you to drive more.

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“Ok, but what documents do I need to rent a car in Brazil?”


First of all, you need to be at least 21 years old to rent a car in Brazil. If you aren’t, you had better find a designated driver to do it for you. Although the minimum age to drive in Brazil is 18, car rentals will not close a deal with unless you are over 21. And the only document you need to present is your passport. Very simple, right?

All car rentals will also require a valid credit card, which is used to ensure the company that you will pay for any damage, so you’d better drive carefully. When you are a foreigner, you will also have to hire a temporary car insurance.

“But what if I don’t have a credit card?”

Well, you can try borrowing one from a friend, though not all rentals will allow that.

See?! It is not so hard to rent a car in Brazil, even when you are not from here. And if you are staying in Belo Horizonte, there are so many amazing places to visit. We talked a little about some of them in this blog post, just check it out. With so many natural parks, beaches, waterfalls and incredible cities, Brazil is definitely a place to drive around.

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